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Cadbury Goo Heads Creme... Cadbury Goo Heads Creme... 2
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Cadbury Goo Heads Creme Eggs 5 Pack

5 Pack - 200 g
€3.63 €6.04
Cadbury Goo Heads Creme Eggs in a presentation box of 5. Each of the five Goo Heads has a unique individually foiled design. Delicious milk chocolate eggs with fondant centre- Goo on - try them!
M&M's Minis Mega Tubes 50.2 g M&M's Minis Mega Tubes 50.2 g 2
  • -50%

M&M's Minis Mega Tubes

50.2 g
€2.01 €4.03
Den klassiske mælkechokolade M & M smag, skrumpet til mini størrelser og serveret i et sjovt rør!

Hersheys Milk Duds

141 g
1 Reviews
Enjoy the sweet combination of chewy caramel and smooth milk chocolate. MILK DUDS Candy is the perfect snack for the office, home, or on the go. You can even use them for edible crafts or baking. Great for filling candy bowls, snacking with your favorite movie or TV show, or simply enjoying as an afternoon treat.

Sno Caps

87.8 g
Enjoy snacking and baking with Nestle Sno Caps Nonpareils. They come in a 87 g box, and they are free of artificial flavors and colors. Eat them at the movies, or on the couch. They can also serve as baking ingredients. Add these semi-sweet chocolate nonpareils to cookies or muffins for a unique taste, or serve them by themselves as snacks at your next...

Cadbury Mini Egg Medium Egg

130 g
Hollow milk chocolate egg with one bag of solid milk chocolate eggs in a crisp sugar shell. Our medium sized milk chocolate Easter egg with a bag of irresistible Mini Egg Your Easter Egg has been made with Cadbury Dairy Milk.
Raisinets Milk Chocolate Raisinets Milk Chocolate 2
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Raisinets Milk Chocolate

99.2 g
€2.35 €3.36
Raisinets are sun-ripened, plump juicy California raisins tucked in rich creamy milk chocolate — and they have 30% less fat than the leading chocolate brands and are made with real fruit. Nestle Raisinets chocolate 99g box is the ideal size for on-the-go snacking or for sharing with family and friends.

Muddy Bears

88 g
1 Reviews
Talk about 2 great tastes and combining them. Plump, tender gummy bears are dunked in rich milk chocolate to create the ultimate treat. Delicious gummi bears in the flavors of apple, pineapple, and strawberry covered in cream milk chocolate. This enormous box of Muddy Bears makes a great gift for any occasion!
Jelly Belly Harry Potter... Jelly Belly Harry Potter... 2
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Harry Potter fans can now own their very own Golden Snitch, detailed to be an exact replica from the famous game. Made of delicious solid milk chocolate it also comes with a collectible Quidditch rule sheet. An absolute must have for any keen player....

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