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Nestle Nesquik Milk Cream

26 g
Nesquik Biscuit is a cocoa biscuit filled with milk cream. Nesquik Biscuit is 26% less sugar and 20% less fat than other biscuit sandwiches in the market, along with the fact that it is made with milk, this makes is the perfect snack for your kid with NESQUIK taste that they have grown to love!

Sno Caps

87.8 g
Enjoy snacking and baking with Nestle Sno Caps Nonpareils. They come in a 87 g box, and they are free of artificial flavors and colors. Eat them at the movies, or on the couch. They can also serve as baking ingredients. Add these semi-sweet chocolate nonpareils to cookies or muffins for a unique taste, or serve them by themselves as snacks at your next...
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Nestle Nesquik Duo

225 g
Get ready for an active day! Nesquik DUO combines the great taste of cocoa cereal balls and marbles Nesquik flavored white chocolate and it provides your kids the essential nutrients they need for an active day. The taste of NESQUIK meets the pleasure of white chocolate to give your breakfast an irresistible mix.
Butterfinger 54 g Butterfinger 54 g 2


54 g
Bolder than bold cravings can’t be contained. Especially when they’re this crispety, crunchety and peanut-buttery. So go on and indulge yourself in the one of a kind taste of an all American classic that can never be replaced.

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