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Twizzlers candy is one of the oldest confectionery firms in the United States. The Twizzlers tradition began in 1845, when the Young and Smylie Confectionery Company was founded. Twizzlers licorice bits and bites candy is great for snacking or saving for a special event. Available in classic flavors, including strawberry, cherry, rainbow, watermelon, chocolate and licorice.

Twizzlers Strawberry 70 g Twizzlers Strawberry 70 g 2

Twizzlers Strawberry

70 g
1 Reviews
it takes about 15 hours to make TWIZZLERS Strawberry Twists, and a lot less time to eat one. Twist the day away with great flavors. Its bright red color and long, twisted shape are both classic features of this all-time favorite treat.
Twizzlers Nibs Candy Cherry Big Bag 170 g Twizzlers Nibs Candy Cherry Big Bag 170 g 2

Twizzlers Nibs Candy Cherry Big Bag

170 g
These tasty bits may be small in size, but they are huge on cherry flavor and fun! Add TWIZZLERS Nibs Candy to your snack routine, whether you use them to top ice cream and sweeten up lunch boxes, or simply savor them nibble by delicious nibble!

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