Kinder Bueno White

39 g
Indulge yourself with Kinder Bueno White, the delicious snack you just can't resist. Feel the crunch of the white chocolate coating, then sink into a rich swirl of milky hazelnut cream. It all adds up to a treat that's delightfully different.
Food & Groceries

Jell-O Cherry

85 g
Denne lækre pakke af Cherry Jell-O kræver en minimal indsats. Den kommer i pulveriseret gelatineform og skal blot blandes med vand og stilles i køleskabet for at fortykkes. Nyd den, når du har brug for en lækker kirsebær smag.

Kinder Bueno

43 g
Kinder Bueno, with layers of delicious crispy wafer, milk chocolate and hazelnut milky filling, satisfies your little hunger without getting in the way of your next meal.
Sticky like a spider web, but sweet as cotton candy, fluffy stuff spider web cotton candy is a great treat for Halloween parties. Enjoy the tart sour apple flavor with all of your friends.

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