A&W Root Beer 355 ml

A&W Root Beer

Treat yourself to a deliciously refreshing American classic with A&W Root Beer. A&W Root Beer is caffeine free, and it's made with aged vanilla for a sweet and smooth taste that has become the standard in root beer soft drinks. A&W is best when enjoyed in an ice-cold mug or with vanilla ice cream for a delicious root beer float. Make your day a little bit sweeter with the rich and flavorful taste of A&W Root Beer.

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Ingredients: carbonated water, isoglucose, colours: E150a, preservatives: E211, natural and artificial flavors, quillaia extract.

Storage: cool and dry.

Country of origin: USA.

Net Contents: 355ml.

Nutrition facts per. 100ml:
Energy: 200 kJ / 48 Kcal.
Fat: 0 g.
-of which saturates: 0 g.
Carbohydrate: 13,2 g.
-of which sugars: 13 g.
Protein: 0 g.
Salt: 0,06 g.
Dietary Information
Caffeine free
Root Beer
355 ml
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Min absolut yndlings læskedrik
Det er virkelig den bedste sodavand mand kan få, og det er så sørgeligt, at man ikke kan få den særlig mange andre steder end her.

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