Shop our huge selection of year after year favorites like M&Ms, candy corn and lollipops or send your trick-or-treaters off with unique treats like gumball eyes and realistic earthworms that you can only find here at iKiosk. Try Pumpkin Spice Latte Peeps, Reese's Peanut Butter Spooky Eyeballs, Butterfinger Skulls, Cauldron Skittles and many more. 

Celebrate Fall with a distinctive, colorful mix of Brach's Pumpkins, Harvest Corn, and Classic Candy Corn. For a creative sweet treat, place these candies in your baked goods or use them to decorate. Of course, you can snack on them, too!
Enjoy a spooky twist to a Halloween classic with KIT KAT in Witch's Brew Foils. Unlike traditional KIT KAT chocolate candy, these colorful Halloween sweets feature layers of crispy wafers coated in smooth green creme. Each festively green KIT KAT miniature bar comes individually wrapped with illustrated Halloween packaging, making it easy to enjoy these...
A Selection of Sweets for All the Family A spooky mix of your favourite lollies and sweets. They contain a spooky selection of the favourite sweets including Love Hearts, Drumstick Lollies and Refreshers. Each bag contains enough treats for one person or they can be shared.
Sticky like a spider web, but sweet as cotton candy, fluffy stuff spider web cotton candy is a great treat for Halloween parties. Enjoy the tart sour apple flavor with all of your friends.
Jelly Belly has whipped up its candy making magic to bring you Harry Potter Jelly Slugs! Fun-to-eat Jelly Slugs are as delicious as they are entertaining! Packed with 5 intense fruit flavours, the gummis make the perfect treat. Slugulus Eructo!

Cadbury Goo Heads Creme Eggs 5 Pack

5 Pack - 200 g
Cadbury Goo Heads Creme Eggs in a presentation box of 5. Each of the five Goo Heads has a unique individually foiled design. Delicious milk chocolate eggs with fondant centre- Goo on - try them!

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