Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon 141 g Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon 141 g 2
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Led efter dine smagsløg med dette smagfulde slik, som er enestående, sejt, og med kanelsmag. Det originale sortiment af HOT TAMALES Brand candies leverer et intenst brag af varm kanel ved hver bid. Så hvad venter du på? Grib en håndfuld, og oplev en brændende mund!

Mentos Cinnamon

37.4 g
Mentos Chewy Mints are offered in several refreshing flavor varieties. Mentos Cinnamon rivals other cinnamon products by providing a sweet bold flavor in an enjoyable chew! Cinnamon Mentos have been the fresh maker American’s cant get enough of since there introduction to the market in 1973.
Red Hots The Original Small Red Hots The Original Small 2
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CAN YOU HANDLE THE HEAT? Experience the powerful, fiery taste of cinnamon with Red Hots Cinnamon Candy. Their round shape nestles on your tongue, delivering wave after wave of spicy flavor. Whether you eat them by the handful, put them on a birthday cake or use them as a decorative touch to your gingerbread house, there are a million fiery ways to enjoy...

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