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Our selection of Kids Sweet such as Chewing Gum, Lollipops, Cotton Candy, Powder & Spray Candy are full to the bring with sweets for kids. Kids love to try more varied flavoured products such as the seriously sour Toxic Waste range of sweets and the sweet Blow Pop lollipops.



6 g
One thing should never be missing from a real fast food meal: our Hot Dog! It consists of a soft bun, lettuce, a good portion of ketchup and a delicious sausage with mustard. Your taste buds will be delighted by the taste of fresh pineapple, strawberry and a touch of cream and yogurt. Anything that has so much realistic detail deserves pride of place in...
This DIY kit makes five types of sweets that look like the real thing. Mix the powder with water to make strawberry shortcake, mini cake, melon jelly, berry tart, and fruit tart that even taste real. All you need is water and a microwave oven to make 5 wonderful mini tea party desserts that can be decorated in a variety of ways. This cute sweets party kit...
Rul det ud, stræk det, lav nye farver og skab dit eget, bløde slik i mange forskellige former. Pakken indeholder fire forskellige former, så du kan variere dine figurer og skabe dine egne, forskellige former.
Make four cute and colorful ice cream cone treats with this DIY candy kit! Just take out the tray and pour water onto the vanilla, melon, and strawberry ice cream powders. There are mini trays inside to form the cone and the filling that hardens up to an ice cream texture
Dette gør-det-selv slik-kit indeholder tre numererede poser, to med slikpulver med sodavandssmag og én med farverige og brusende sodavandsstykker, samt en speciel bakke med et aftageligt målebæger. Bland de to slikpulvere med vand og omdan på magisk vis deres konsistens og farver. Dyp slikken i slikstykkerne for at lave dit eget lækre og farverige...
Now you can press your own sweet candy swirls! This candy kit comes with three numbered sachets (two with magic grape flavoured candy powder, one with colourful candy chips). 
Enjoy making various colorful jelly shapes in three colors, and a large and pretty jelly dome! With just powder and water, you can make your own original handmade sparkling and plump jelly. Enjoy the pineapple-flavored blue jelly, peach-flavored pink jelly, apple-flavored green jelly and the soda-flavored transparent jelly. Jelly mold included. There are...
Lav dit eget originale tsubu tsubu vingummislik, kun med vand. Farverige tsubu tsubu-motiver, du kan kreere præcis som du ønsker. Totalt nuttet! Nyd tre smagsvarianter—sodavand, drue og ananas. Vingummi med sodavandsmag.
This icy white blow pop comes in a delicious blackberry flavor with the Charms bubble gum center that everyone loves!

Blow Pop Sour Apple

18 g
Blow Pops; first it's a sucker and then it's gum! Hard sour apple flavor candy on the outside, gum on the inside. Pucker up with this delicious treat!
This icy white accented blow pop comes in our delicious classic cherry flavor. Try Cherry Ice Blow Pops and enjoy a hard candy shell on the outside and a delicious bubble gum center on the inside. Two fantastic treats in one!
If you love strawberries and kiwi you’re going to fall in love with Charms Blow Pop Kiwi Berry Blast. Enjoy a hard strawberry kiwi flavored candy shell on the outside and a delicious bubble gum center. Two awesome treats in one.

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