Keep breath fresh with ICE BREAKERS Mints. Freshen breath in holiday style with these sugar free mints. Packed with long-lasting freshness, these mints feature classic candy cane flavor in a festive pack. Keep a container in the car, a pocket, or a drawer for instant minty refreshment anytime.
Playful, fresh entertainment for your mouth; the smooth, sweet, and cooling flavor refreshes your breath for a long time with only 2 calories. The Tic Tac Strawberry Fields Singles is an excellent product for anyone looking for a tasty fruit flavored breath mint.
Excite your taste buds with intensely sour, intensely sweet and intensely flavorful ICE BREAKERS Berry Sours!
Sugar Free Fruit Green Apple, Watermelon and Tangerine Flavoured Sour Sweets with Sweeteners. Make sure you keep ICE BREAKERS Sours Mints close by for a mouth-watering, fruit-flavored treat! Experience intensely sour and pleasantly sweet combinations of fruit flavors, specially picked to refresh your mouth
Gør din ånde sødere med den kølende smag af ICE BREAKERS DUO mintpastiller med druesmag. Hvert eneste lækre stykke kombinerer den søde frugtsmag af drue med de forfriskende, kølende krystaler. Unik kombination af sød druesmag og kølende krystaller. Sukkerfrie mintpastiller.
Get an empowering watermelon boost from this singular combination of fruit and mint in ICE BREAKERS DUO Mints. They feature a combination of fruit flavor and cooling crystals for a unique taste. Kind of like a refreshing snow squall on your hot summer picnic.

Mentos Cinnamon

37.4 g
Mentos Chewy Mints are offered in several refreshing flavor varieties. Mentos Cinnamon rivals other cinnamon products by providing a sweet bold flavor in an enjoyable chew! Cinnamon Mentos have been the fresh maker American’s cant get enough of since there introduction to the market in 1973.
Ice Breakers Wintergreen 42 g Ice Breakers Wintergreen 42 g 2
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Hold din ånde frisk med disse Ice Breakers Wintergreen sukkerfrie mint-tabletter. De leveres i en praktisk pakke, der let passer ned i en lomme eller håndtaske.

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