Powder & Particle Candy

Try our amazing selection of powder and particle candy and see for yourself why we're in love with this sugary dust. From Fun Dip, to Pop Rocks, to Giant Pixy Stix, Bottle Pops, and so many more, you can pour delicious treats straight into your mouth and let the tiny particles vanish on your tongue and leave you smiling.

Enjoy making various colorful jelly shapes in three colors, and a large and pretty jelly dome! With just powder and water, you can make your own original handmade sparkling and plump jelly. Enjoy the pineapple-flavored blue jelly, peach-flavored pink jelly, apple-flavored green jelly and the soda-flavored transparent jelly. Jelly mold included. There are...

Barratt Dip Dab

23 g
Sherbet dip with a tasty strawberry flavour lolly. Pouches of smooth sherbet powder and a strawberry flavoured lollipop for dipping.

Pop Rocks Watermelon

9.5 g
Everyone will love the fizzy pop of Pop Rocks Candy! Refreshingly sweet Watermelon flavoured popping candy. As soon as they hit your tongue you will experience the intense popping sensation and crackly, fizzing sounds that Americans have loved since the 1970's!
Lav dit eget originale tsubu tsubu vingummislik, kun med vand. Farverige tsubu tsubu-motiver, du kan kreere præcis som du ønsker. Totalt nuttet! Nyd tre smagsvarianter—sodavand, drue og ananas. Vingummi med sodavandsmag.
Make four cute and colorful ice cream cone treats with this DIY candy kit! Just take out the tray and pour water onto the vanilla, melon, and strawberry ice cream powders. There are mini trays inside to form the cone and the filling that hardens up to an ice cream texture

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy

9.5 g
Poppin’ Cotton Candy combines the sweet taste of soft cotton candy with the snapping fun of Pop Rocks candy, creating a carnival of fun in your mouth. With each delicious bite of our Cotton Candy Pop Rocks, delightful carbonation is released, making them crackle and pop on your tongue. Featuring a cotton candy flavor, these yummy candies will bring extra...

Pop Rocks Bubble Gum

10.5 g
Seriously? Could this be too much of a good thing? Do you chew it or let it pop? Or a bit of both? Probably a bit of both, to get that full Tutti Frutti Bubble Gum Pop Rocks experience. That’s rockin’ it for everyone on so many levels

Fun Dip Lik-M-Aid

39.6 g
The original Fun Dip candy you love with not one, not two, but three scrumptious flavour dips in Grape Yumptious, Cherry Yum Diddly, and RazzApple Magic! Lik-m-aid FUN DIP is a fun, interactive eating experience that delivers irresistible, sweet fruit-flavored candy on a delicious dipping stick. Every pouch comes with a signature tasting stick that is...

Fizz Wiz Cherry

5 g
Remember Space Dust? Fizz Whiz Cherry is the same popping candy. Put it in your mouth an feel the power of the exploding candy.
Skittles Giants are 3x bigger with the same crunchy shell and bigger soft centre with a bright explosion of fruity flavours. Skittles Giants Fruits bag includes Orange, Lime, Lemon, Blackcurrant and Strawberry flavours. This Skittles bag is a chance to share all of that sweetness with friends, family or coworkers.

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