Products of Poland

Crispy Prince Polo, chewy caramels…what other sweets gained popularity in Poland under communism and are still bought today? E. Wedel, Wawel, Cheetos are all huge Polish brand enjoyed by the Polish people today. EXPLORE THE RICHNESSOF POLISH SWEETS DELIGHT

This bling is sweeter than gold. Wear it then eat it. You can't do that with gold. Great fun at parties! Sweet necklaces? Yes! Enjoy the fun and delicious flavors of powdered sweets from Chupa Chups.

Nestle Nesquik Milk Cream

26 g
Nesquik Biscuit is a cocoa biscuit filled with milk cream. Nesquik Biscuit is 26% less sugar and 20% less fat than other biscuit sandwiches in the market, along with the fact that it is made with milk, this makes is the perfect snack for your kid with NESQUIK taste that they have grown to love!

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