Sweeten up your Valentine's Day with conversation hearts, pink, red and white candy or gum and Valentine's Day chocolates for gift giving or candy dish displaying! iKiosk offers a large online selection of candy for Valentine's Day, chocolates, and every kind of scrumptious sweet you can think of. Find a huge variety of Valentine's Day candy for kids and adults. Plus, you'll find everything you need to create a stunning and delicious Valentine's Day candy buffet at your Valentine's Day get together!


Kool-Aid Strawberry

3.9 g
Enjoy a refreshing beverage with this Kool-Aid Strawberry Drink Mix. It has zero calories per serving, making it a sweet treat for almost everyone. This caffeine-free strawberry drink mix is great for the summer.
Food & Groceries

Jell-O Cherry

85 g
Denne lækre pakke af Cherry Jell-O kræver en minimal indsats. Den kommer i pulveriseret gelatineform og skal blot blandes med vand og stilles i køleskabet for at fortykkes. Nyd den, når du har brug for en lækker kirsebær smag.

Fun Dip Lik-M-Aid

39.6 g
The original Fun Dip candy you love with not one, not two, but three scrumptious flavour dips in Grape Yumptious, Cherry Yum Diddly, and RazzApple Magic! Lik-m-aid FUN DIP is a fun, interactive eating experience that delivers irresistible, sweet fruit-flavored candy on a delicious dipping stick. Every pouch comes with a signature tasting stick that is...

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